Bookataxi provides high quality service throughout Greece in the field of transport by taxi, mini van, sprinter and bus

It started serving 1 hotel 8 years ago and has today served over 7 hotels, 2 travel agencies, individual guests, businessmen, businesses, journalists, athletes as well as transfers of any kind of vip client

The Greek bookataxi professional drivers are familiar with the English language (in many cases 2 and 3 additional foreign languages, depending on the degree they hold) and in combination with the fact that our fleet consists mainly of mercedes-type vehicles, they create the triptych which is the based on success for over 10 years, based on the following features:

With a pricelist built on the basis of the high level of transport but also having the knowledge of the international environment of financial crisis, we approach responsibly and seriously every professional and visitor who wants to make use of our services.

Routes to the most common destinations (airport, harbor, bus station) give the passenger the opportunity to see the level of transportation and service of our company.